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Design Moto Gear Rack

Designed to bring your biggest passion from the track to the living room and to optimally store your equipment in the best way possible.

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<transcy>SUITBASE® PRO</transcy>

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Your expensive, high-quality motorbike equipment shouldn’t stay hidden in the closet. Show off your passion and store your equipment in the best way possible with the SUITBASE® PRO. The perfect fusion of sleek design and engineered practicality—the SUITBASE® PRO will keep your equipment ready to ride. 





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<transcy>About SUITBASE®</transcy>

<transcy>By & for motorbike enthusiasts</transcy>

In 2017, Torben, motorbike enthusiast and SUITBASE® PRO founder, was tired of tossing his expensive motorbike equipment on his sofa—only for it to sit until his next ride. He was in need of a solution that displayed his equipment while keeping it safe. After failing to find a suitable product on the market, he began concepting and developing prototypes until the SUITBASE® PRO was created. Today, the SUITBASE® PRO has made its way into the homes of thousands of motorbike enthusiasts—like you.
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