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Even more space for your gear!

Gloves, pants or protectors – the SUITBASE HOOK 2.0 allows you to customize your SUITBASE® after your individual needs and keeps your gear gathered at one place.

Made of CNC-milled aluminium, our HOOK is strong enough to handle all kinds of extra gear and matches the SUITBASE® look just perfectly.

The new HOOK can be fixed by a threaded pin to your desired position on the SUITBASE. No slipping guaranteed.


Material: aluminum
Surface: anodized
Finish: silk matte
Weight: 15 g
Designed and manufactured in Germany

Package contents
Fixation screw

Material: Aluminium
Oberfläche: transparent eloxiert
Finish: seidenmatt
Gewicht: 15 g
Designed und hergestellt in Deutschland

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Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of the SUITBASE®?

Unfortunately, due to plagiarism cases, we no longer give out the measurements. The dimensions were perfectly adapted to the combi and helmet.

The design is protected, every copy with the attempt to earn money will be reported to the police. If you see a replica that is sold illegally, please report it to us. We will show our appreciation!

However, if you just want to know if the SUITBASE® will fit in the desired place in your home, just hold your suit against the wall.

Will the inner lining of my helmet be damaged by the mount?

No. The foam used in commercially available helmets is so soft that it will easily form back into its original position. The deliberately chosen radii of the SUITBASE® not only look good, but also ensure that the inner lining is not damaged.


How much weight does the SUITBASE® support?

The SUITBASE® is designed to carry a load of up to 30 kg. This is easily enough for any kind of equipment. Each mount undergoes a special load test before delivery to ensure that your equipment is safe and cannot fall off.

Where do I hang the pants of my two-piece suit?

You can attach the pants of your combi to the jacket with the factory zipper.

If this is too inconvenient for you, we offer an additional hook in the store to attach the pants with the loops provided.

How do I hang accessories like gloves or back protector?

You can order an additional hook in the store, on which many types of equipment can be mounted. The freely selectable position also allows you to use several in parallel.

Can I return my order free of charge?

Of course! We want you to have a look at the SUITBASE® in peace and therefore we grant you a right of return of 14 days. Within this period you can return the goods to us free of charge using the return slip.

If you have any further questions, you can always contact us on Instagram at @suitbase_official or by email ( contact!