Information on the current situation

We like transparency.
A little insight into our current situation.

The pandemic is putting major hurdles in the way of each and every one of us. So, of course, the consequences of the virus do not stop at SUITBASE®.

Due to the lack of availability of raw materials, large companies are given preferential treatment in these times and contracts are cancelled without financial compensation. For this reason, we recently had major problems in procuring the aluminum we needed.

We were able to avert the problem in the meantime, but we had to accept that our material costs would increase many times over.

So we are unfortunately forced to take our Carbon KEYTAG out of the scope of supply and to offer it exclusively separately.

Also affected is our SUITBASE® HEAD, which we have to take out of our program for the time being, in order to be able to focus exclusively on the production of the SUITBASE® PRO.

We are already working on alternative production processes in order to be able to offer further products around the storage of your motorcycle equipment parallel to our PRO in the future. Among other things, we are responding to the request of many to design a cheaper alternative to our premium holders. You can be curious! The SUITBASE® LITE is in its final stages and will probably be financed by a crowdfunding campaign. Of course in proven SUITBASE® quality.

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PS: All articles indicated as deliverable in the shop are still available. The delivery times can be viewed on the respective product page.

Ride safe!
Torben and team